Ever since we opened our new shop it’s been our aim to act as a showcase for the very best of local and regional food. The West Country is currently home to what we believe to be the largest concentration of specialist food producers of any comparable geographical region in Europe, if not the world. Well over 2,000 are operating in the six south-west counties, most of them registered with Taste of the West, the first speciality regional food group to be established in the country – it all started right here in Somerset. So the West Country produces a vast range of foods, a reflection of its varying soil types, climate, and land use – and, of course, of the fact that it is surrounded by sea. And new enterprises are popping up all the time. So as well as traditional Somerset cheddar cheese, for example, we can offer some of the new and exciting cheeses which have been developed in recent years as the UK has gradually overhauled France for the number of different cheeses in production. We cure our own ham and produce our own salt beef but you’ll also discover other high- quality meat products from local suppliers. Right across the store you’ll find the very finest West Country produce represented through everything from traditional, cloth-wrapped puddings to biscuits and cakes, jams and conserves.
We stock locally-roasted coffee and locally-blended tea, and while we’re talking about drinks we must mention cider. Of course cider is produced in other south west counties – and indeed in Herefordshire and Suffolk – but Somerset can justly lay claim to being the cider capital of the UK. It boasts more than two million cider apples trees bearing more than 80 varieties of cider apple. Some are named after the localities where they were most in abundance, such as Kingston Black, originating from Kingston St Mary, near Taunton, or Coat Jersey, originally from the village of Coat, near Martock. Other names refer to the characteristics of the tree or the fruit, including Hangdown and Crimson King. Cider-making has been taking place in Somerset probably since Roman times and to the well-established farmhouse producers has been added a new generation of artisan cider-makers keen to experiment and build on the old traditions and who are turning out some really exciting products. We sell draught and bottled cider, including some delicious single variety types – pressed from one variety of apple rather than a blend – and also carry a range of Somerset cider brandy and apple-based aperitifs.
And to complement our meat we always carry a stock of top-quality local fruit and vegetables, always fresh, always seasonal, to cater for the growing number of shoppers who now prefer to by their food daily, or at least two or three times a week, rather than stocking up for the entire week on one single trip.
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